This Teenager Almost Lost His Life After Doing The Popular ‘Duct Tape Challenge’

WARNING: Some of the photos you’ll find in this story are gruesome.

Internet challenges are all the rage but can be life-threatening endeavors. The most recent example of this madness was the Condom Challenge, which could have caused users to suffocate. Now something potentially worse has caught on as a trend — the Duct Tape Challenge. Nothing good can ever come of something by that name, and indeed, one young boy is lucky to have escaped with his life.

KPTV in Washington reports how 14-year-old Skylar Fish feels “actually really lucky to even be alive” although he’s in a dreadful amount of pain. Fish sustained 48 staples in his head and a crushed eye socket after attempting to free himself. The challenge is easily accessible on YouTube, and it’s so disturbing that we won’t link it here. Fish struggled to cope with duct-taped arms and legs and slammed his head into a window frame. He can no longer see out of his affected eye, and he says, “It seems like I was hit by a car.”

Even worse, Fish suffered a brain aneurysm when his head bounced from the window sill into concrete. He warns other teens to never follow his example: “Teach other kids not to do it. When I think about it, like I become sad. And then like really happy. Because like I’m happy because like I survived it. Like, I almost died.” His mother, Sarah, urges teens to never take one of the trendy challenges because “there are so many risks.”

These photos by KIRO 7 Anchor Siemny Kiro are no joke.

(Via KPTV & Siemny Kiro on Facebook)