Listen To This Telemarketer Completely Freak Out When A Customer Records Him

This video may be one of the weirdest things anyone has ever seen. There’s not much backstory, but here’s all you need to know: a telemarketer called a woman on the phone, she told him he was being recorded, and he got so angry he spun out of control, going from threatening to completely out there with talk of mind control and the Lord.

While this isn’t the nastiest trick ever played on a telemarketer, there’s an elegance to the simplicity of just letting someone spin out until they can’t take it anymore. Sure, the guy on the other line might have quit his job after this call (he didn’t sound like he was “in control all the time”), but the video’s totally worth it.

Incidentally, does anyone know Mark from Chatsworth? Could you make sure he’s okay?

(Via Reddit)