Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Video Game Reveals Jon Snow For Its Second Episode

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01.23.15 9 Comments

It’s been confirmed that we’ll be getting more of Telltale’s Game of Thrones: A Song Of Ice And Fire episodic game the first week of February, and it’s got at least a little Jon Snow in it as this trailer, with a brief bit of new footage, will confirm. But I’m a little torn about this game, for spoilery reasons I’ll get into below.

First of all, if you watch the show, this follows the Forresters, a barely mentioned house aligned with the Starks. Considering the game starts with the Red Wedding, you can guess things don’t go well for the Forresters, especially since House Bolton rapidly gets involved in their affairs. If you watch the show, you see events unfold on the ground, as it were, and it’s actually smartly written and an interesting perspective.

Except for one problem, that I require spoilers to talk about, so you’ve been warned. You spend most of the game learning about House Forrester through the eyes of the new lord, Ethan. Ethan’s got to appoint a Sentinel, enforce the law, and grow up really fast. He’s a great character, so, as we all know, that means he’s dead meat.

Specifically, no matter how you play the game, Ramsay Snow jams a knife in Ethan’s neck mostly because it amuses him to do so. And, because the game’s tied so closely to the show, we know Ramsay gets away with it; the game goes from the end of season three to the beginning of season five in timeline, and Ramsay’s running around being his usual psycho self in season five. So, basically, the most satisfying ending to the game is off the table and we’ve got five episodes to go.

Admittedly, Telltale is between a rock and a hard place; even if the HBO series weren’t the basis of the game, they’d still have the novels to work around. They’ve got to tell a compelling story that revolves around events they can’t change, and that’s a hard job. Still, hopefully they work in the characters a bit better in the future; it’d be a bit disappointing to play a game that can’t have any sort of ending.

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