Ten Franchises We Want Microsoft To Bring To The Xbox One

Microsoft has stated that after a… muddled introduction to the Xbox One that E3 would be all about the games, and that we would see fifteen “new” franchises. We know at least a few of them are going to be established hits, and a few will involve jazz hands in front of the Kinect, but Microsoft owns several studios, and dozens of franchises. Here are a few they should bring back.

Killer Instinct

Last Seen: 1996, with Killer Instinct 2.

Why We Want It Back: Because of all the great fighting game franchises, this is the only one that never really got a fair shot. Killer Instinct arrived right before the moment that home gaming systems could really offer the arcade experience. Worse, thanks to the complicated relationship between Nintendo and Rare, we’ve never seen the game ported to any modern home console, and arcade cabinets are rare to find, especially ones edging twenty years old.

Furthermore, Microsoft has no fighting game franchise, and with modern ideas about fighting games worked into it, Killer Instinct could be a platform exclusive that pulls off the rare feat of selling consoles.

Age Of Empires

Last Seen: In 2011, with Age Of Empires Online, a free-to-play game.

Why We Want It Back: Age Of Empires is the real-time strategy game for people who hate real-time strategy games. The franchise has been defined by sitting down, looking at what frustrates casual players, and tweaking it so that the game itself is simple to understand and play, while offering real depth for hardcore RTS fans. The overall result is a bit like digital crack.