Here’s What It Looks Like When Pranksters Stuff Twizzlers Into A Sleeping Friend’s Face

One guy, 10 Twizzlers sounds like it might be the title of a NSFW adult film, but it could also be the title of this amazing video, which shows exactly why you shouldn’t fall asleep when you’re on the road with friends. Or at least why you shouldn’t fall asleep if your friends are bored and have a package of Twizzlers they’re not afraid to waste in the name of humor.

The star of the video, Micah, will probably never trust his friends again. After all, how can you trust the people around you when you go down for a little snooze and wake up looking like a bloody walrus? And it’s not just Micah’s mouth that the pranksters stuff Twizzlers into. While his gaping yawnhole does get a majority of the sticky red candy, his glasses aren’t skipped.

Warning: There’s some “adult” language up in this here, so, if you’re watching at work, you may want to turn it down. And also not laugh too hard. And one more thing: No matter how much fun you’d have doing something like this to one of your co-workers, it’s not something HR would understand.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)