The Ten Most Useful ‘Futurama’ Clips

‘Futurama’ is retired tonight, after more than a decade being intermittently on the air. And after 140 episodes, there are a lot of jokes. And many of them are not just funny, but useful.

There comes a point in any Internet debate where all intelligent discussion and rational discourse is exhausted. And then you beat the horse for another hundred comments or so, but really, with some people, there’s literally no point in expending thought replying to them.

Hence, Futurama‘s clips, which serve a dual purpose of being both funny and often usefully dismissive. So, for the purposes of remembering the show’s best moments, and saving you roughly forty hours of useful time the next time your insane relatives post Nobama memes or your former college roommate wants to explain, at length, why vegan diets make him better than you, here are some of the show’s best one-liners and useful moments.

Admit it, you post this or variants of this weekly. I know I do.

We’re using the ten-minute version because, let’s face it, this often needs to be looped.

We could do an entire article on Futurama‘s bizarre Nixon obsession; the show has probably featured more factually accurate jokes about Tricky Dick during its run than any other form of media about him.

I would love to tell you that this is exaggerated for the purposes of satire. Unfortunately, having grown up around the Waterfalls, I can’t, because it’d be a lie.

Seriously, every lawyer I know, and I know far too many of them, loves this clip.

Sadly, Futurama often rather accurately sums up idiotic debates over science. This clip is no different.

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Speaking of idiotic debates over science…

I really shouldn’t have to use this clip as often as I do.

Any favorites we missed? Post them in the comments!