‘Terminator: Genesis’ Has Cast Its Kyle Reese

Terminator: Genesis is sadly not a movie about Skynet hiding within a beloved early ’90s video game console in the wake of the events of Terminator 2. Although that would be amazing, and they should totally make that movie. Instead, it’s basically Terminator Begins, and now it has its Kyle Reese.

Paramount was torn between two Kyles, but they’ve finally settled on one. And the man you will have to go with if you want to live is… Jai Courtney, according to Variety:

After testing a handful of guys, Jai Courtney has been tapped to play Kyle Reese in Paramount and Skydance’s “Terminator” reboot. Emilia Clarke is on board to play Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke will play John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also return in his iconic role. Alan Taylor is directing. Plot details have not been revealed, other than this is the first film in a stand alone trilogy.

You’ve got to love that whole “plot details have not been revealed” tag at the end, like a movie starring characters named Sarah Connor, John Connor, Kyle Reese, and starring the Arnold as a T-800 was going to be a romantic comedy or maybe a talky psychodrama. Hey, Variety, they’re going to be chased by robots. That’s the plot.

And this is good news, because really, everybody involved has to get off their asses if they’re going to make that July 2015 release date. Not to mention that they’ll have to start work on that absurdly ambitious TV series to tie together the next three Terminator movies, because you can’t just plan a trilogy now, every franchise has to be The Avengers.

We’ll see whether or not this actually all pans out. Terminator movies have had a tendency to be cursed, and the series hasn’t exactly knocked the last two movies out of the park. A note to the producers, if they’re reading: Just adapt Dark Horse’s latest Terminator comic. It’s the most compelling story about killer robots in a while.

Via Variety