Terrible New Terminator Might Not Be Happening After All

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08.18.10 2 Comments

We’ve previously reported on Hannover House’s “Terminator Babies” “Terminator 3000” and the terrible idea that it was, so terrible that the image at right sounds better.  Basically, it was going to be animated, in 3D, and PG-13.  Why?  Because Hannover House hates joy.  That’s why.

Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, it looks like Hannover House didn’t bother to clean up a few minor issues before announcing they were going to ruin a classic franchise even further, like actually getting the rights to said classic franchise from the people who own it, which right now is a company called Pacificor, but considering how these rights have been kicked around, could well be owned by eBaum’s World tomorrow.

Hannover House is meeting with Pacificor to discuss their terrible idea tomorrow, apparently, and we hope Pacificor expresses their distaste for the idea in a polite, reasonable way. By which we mean multiple punches to the crotch before throwing them off the roof.

[ via Deadline Hollywood ]

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