Terrible People Are Taking Selfies In Front Of New York’s East Village Blast Site

We’ve reached peak selfie.

On Thursday, a possibly gas-related explosion decimated three buildings in New York’s East Village. At least 20 people were injured, some critically, and there are several bodies unaccounted for. But that hasn’t stopped people from taking smiley selfies near the disaster site.

Amid the backdrop of the devastation wrought by the explosion, fire and collapse of three buildings that injured 25 people, seven smiling women used a selfie stick late Friday to snap a cheery photo of themselves.

“Disgusting beyond words,” wrote a commenter on the local-news blog EV Grieve, which reposted the snap.

“Take a look at these people. Remember their faces,” wrote Diane DiDonato, of Brooklyn, on Facebook. “They don’t deserve those smiles. People are dying behind them.”

Of course some of the selfie-takers are crying “satire,” which is what assh*les say when they get called out for doing awful things.

Jeanie Slade’s disaster-site selfie showed her and a pal flashing open-mouthed grins and the hashtags “#beingtourists and “#weresocreepy.”

Asked about the selfie by The Post, Jeanie called it “satire.”

“My heart goes out to the people of New York, and this satire post was in poor taste,” she insisted. “My intention was to point out how many people post selfies in inappropriate times and it backfired.”

Source: NY Post