Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Gets TV Mystery Series

If you’re a fan of comedy fantasy, then you’re probably a fan of Terry Pratchett. While he still hasn’t gotten as much mainstream US recognition as he should have, he’s the second-most read author in Britain and reportedly, the most shop-lifted author. And now, it looks like he’s getting his own TV show.

Prime Focus Productions, who’ve previously done TV adaptations of the Discworld novels Hogfather, Going Postal and The Colour Of Magic, will be adapting Pratchett’s books into a 13-episode weekly mystery series. It’ll follow the adventures of the Ankh Morpork city watch, who act as beat cops in a fantasy city filled with Dwarves, Trolls and various other magical creatures. Pratchett’s written several books following the group, and the press release from the company has hinted that other characters from the series will appear in the series.

They’ve already signed on a writing staff of Terry Jones (Monty Python) and Gavin Scott (Small Soldiers), so here’s hoping they can write it as well as Pratchett does. And how does Pratchett feel about this? Well, he’s quoted as saying: “I’m very excited! I really am incredibly happy about this because Rod was part head of the team that produced the very successful Sky One adaptations and my message of encouragement to him now is; don’t bugger it up!”

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