Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Complained About D.C.’s ‘Offensive’ Vetting Of National Guard Members, And People Pounced

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a lengthy track record of leading into “offensive” territory, and his trashing of trans rights is only one example. However, the GOP mainstay wants everyone to know that he’s extremely unhappy with the D.C.’s vetting of National Guard members. The practice only makes sense, given that a massive influx of members descended to help protect the U.S. Capitol following the failed MAGA coup, but Abbott’s not here for it. He’s upset, and he wants all of Twitter to feel his displeasure.

“This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard,” Abbot tweeted on Tuesday evening. “No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas National Guard. @TexasGuard… I authorized more than 1,000 to go to DC… I’ll never do it again if they are disrespected like this.”

Abbott’s reaction preceded an Associated Press report that detailed how multiple U.S. Army National Guard members were discovered to have ties to fringe, far-right, white supremacist militias. As a result, these members were removed from the security mission surrounding Joe Biden’s inauguration, and even though no specific plot was uncovered against Biden, the decision was made for “operational security” reasons. Given that a freaking insurrection of far-right QAnon MAGA heads resulted in five deaths (including two police officers) less than weeks ago, the vetting does not seem like an overreaction at all. Still, Abbott feels that this is “the most offensive thing” ever, and well, people have some responses. Mainly, they are “offended” too, but by Abbott. And his tweet certainly did not age well after less than a day.

No followup comment yet, right? You guessed it.