Texas Lawyer Adam ‘DWI King’ Reposa Gives Himself Half-Naked Oil Rubs In His Latest Insane Commercial

Adam Reposa — aka the DWI King — has returned with a bizarre new 10-minute advertisement and it’s… interesting? You may recall Mr. Reposa from his previous commercial where he continuously yelled to get out of his way before plowing both truck and boot into a rather pathetic looking vehicle on the side of the road.

Here, Reposa seems to have transcended to a whole new level of batsh*t crazy. The commercial in question exists in two parts. The first four minutes are presented as some sort of surreal avant garde story which finds our half naked hero lost in purgatory where the only road to salvation is found through self administered baby oil rubdowns. The latter half of the video shifts the mood entirely as we witness a telephone conversation between Adam Reposa and someone over at Texas lawyer advertising as they argue the semantics of the word “King.” Yeah… your move, Jamie Casino.

(Source: Youtube / Above The Law)