A Texas Man Decided To Ride His Horse Into Taco Bell

In today go-go modern world, it can be a bit of a hassle to find a parking spot for your horse when you want to gorge on obscene levels of cheese. Here’s a solution from Texas: Just roll on into Taco Bell atop your bud/mode of transportation and live life like a proper 21st century cowboy.

The stars of that video you see nestled at the top of the screen are Lathan Crump and his horse Hollywood. (He does look like a Hollywood, doesn’t he?) The cowboy and his companion had been in the mix at a tie-down calf roping competition at the rodeo and went to Taco Bell after as the duo apparently do after such activities. As a result, the Commerce, Texas fast food joint got something more than what was on the menu. Mind you, Crump says it’s not that out of character to handle business on horseback.

“Well it’s just kind of an everyday thing for us to do stuff like that,” Crump told Fox 4. “It’s not really a big deal, but I guess everybody else don’t ever see nothing like that.”

Did this Taco Bell visit lead to any trouble from cops? Nope, the police said no one’s complained about the Hollywood horseback adventure and they won’t pursue anything unless someone does.

“[He] travels around with me everywhere and every day and just hardly do anything without him,” offered Crump on his bond with Hollywood. “Everybody got a big laugh about it. And it’s been blowing up big all over social media.”

Taco Bell hasn’t commented on the matter yet, but they might be inclined not to discourage this type of pop-in. After all, “taco bell horse” doesn’t always bring up the most pleasant things on YouTube.

(Via Eater)