THANKS OBAMA: 10 Times Barack Obama Was The President Of The Internet

08.04.14 5 years ago 16 Comments

We all know that the REAL President of the Internet is some adorable hybrid of Jennifer Lawrence, Louis C.K., the cast of Game of Thrones, Anna Kendrick, Quentin Tarantino, the guy who made the “Turk Dance” GIF, and Froggy Fresh. But today is Barack Obama’s birthday, so let’s humor him, for 24 hours at least, and say that he’s the President of All Things GIF. He’s certainly earned the distinction. Here are a few of his best Internet-busting moments.

1. If you see Obama in a college bar, you take a photo with Obama in a college bar.

2. Like anyone who’s anyone, he did a Reddit AMA (and referenced a popular meme).

3. That is a totally appropriate reaction to meeting a guy in a horse-head mask.

4. The only thing better than a selfie with David Ortiz?

5. A selfie with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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