Thanos Fans On Reddit Are About To Face The Same Fate As The Heroes From ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


WARNING: Pretty clear spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below

While the rumors of more Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War’s home release have turned out to be false, that doesn’t mean the Mad Titan is finished influencing people to see things his way. In fact, the character has a lot of followers over on Reddit, and they’re about to take their devotion to exciting heights.

According to Business Insider, the subreddit “r/thanosdidnothingwrong” is about to say goodbye to half of its 211,000 members:

According to Reddit user The-Jedi-Apprentice, administrators have approved a ban on a random selection of half of the community’s subscribers, fulfilling the subreddit’s destiny. Thanos would be proud, as he obviously succeeded in wiping out half of humanity by the end of “Infinity War.”

The-Jedi-Apprentice posted an update to the plan on Tuesday, saying that the “random 50% ban” will take place on July 9. The original plan was for the wipeout to take place Tuesday, but an admin told The-Jedi-Apprentice that “doing a massive ban the day before July 4 was a terrible idea, because many of Reddit’s engineers would be out with their families.”


If it wasn’t clear, at the end of Infinity War, Thanos is victorious and blinks out half of the universe’s sentient life with the snap of his finger. Many of Marvel’s favorite heroes turn into dust, leaving those left behind wondering what happened. This might just be a stupid Reddit thing, but it is at least an example of fandom having some fun with itself. And as Business Insider adds, some of the folks on the board are running with it:

One user responded, “The Admins saw 14 million possibilities, this was the only way,” alluding Doctor Strange’s words in the movie. Another said, “There should be a reddit trophy for getting banned/spared.”

The act itself has one funny side note connected to it. Apparently being randomly banned will not lower the subscriber count for the subreddit, so one user has added that they “must agree to unsubscribe if we’re snapped by Thanos.” That’s devotion.

(Via Business Insider)