That Insane Magician Took His Tricks To The Warped Tour And Freaked The F*ck Out Of Linkin Park

So the last time we saw Christopher James, he had a partner and they both were applying their craft to the streets of Los Angeles. Those folks lost their minds and created a classic clip that everyone could enjoy.

Now Linkin Park is involved and I don’t know if I can say the same thing about this version. There’s just something about them that manages to bring any experience down a few pegs.

It’s the same tricks James performed in the previous video, but now with appearances from various acts at the Warped Tour. Davey Muse from Vanna, The guys from Bowling For Soup, and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park all fall for the tricks, but it’s missing something. Part two looks like it might have a bit more gusto to add to the magic though. I guess adding alcohol loosens anyone up and the freakouts can begin.

(Via Christopher James)