The 10 Best Questions And Theories About The Samsung Galaxy ‘Sex Tape’ Commercial

If you’ve watched TV for even a minute over the past two months, you’ve likely seen the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial in which a man and a woman (or are they…?) transfer videos through their phones, including a “don’t watch this on the plane” recording that the (probably) wife sends to her (maybe) husband with a subtle wink. Hm. No matter the scenario, the poor taxi driver has found his Pulp Fiction suitcase in that phone.

“Work Trip” is SHOCKINGLY popular on the Internet: the video’s been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube, with nearly 2,000 comments, ranging from “YEAH I’D LIKE TO MAKE THE SEX WITH HER” to “SAMSUNG SUX APPLE RULES.” There are hundreds of amusing questions and theories about the transferred video, too — we’re led to believe it’s a sex tape, but what if it isn’t? What if the wife (played by Margaret Emery) is getting revenge on her man? What if she’s just making food? That’d be so hot. Take it away, YouTube.

5 Questions

I remember the time when two people kiss each other, and not “phone kissing”? Good times

I just saw the commercial and I had to confirm this with the wonderful pure people of YouTube…She made him a porno correct?

The man and the woman in this video must have been married for maybe five or ten years by now. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE ON THAT VIDEO THAT HE HASN’T ALREADY SEEN?

Notice that first he’s wearing a seat belt, then he’s not, then he is again. How does no one in an advertising agency realize this??

The dad’s hot. I rewind this commercial anytime it’s on. Am I the only one turned on by a devoted family man? Anyone?

5 Theories

She’s probably touching her p*ssy. She’s probably loose after sh*tting out those mutts for kids.

The video is actually of her getting double teamed by huge black dudes and is her way of telling him she wants a divorce.

I think the video from her is of her making a sandwich. That’s hot.

the video is his wife telling him she’s leaving him and taking the kids. don’t watch it on the plane cuz you’ll freak out and get shot by the air marshalls

He arrives to his hotel, gets to his room and breaks out the lube and and kleenex. Opens “for_husband.mp4″. A video of his best friend banging his wife in their bedroom plays with the text “It’s over between us” overlayed at the bottom. He still masturbates to climax.

It’s probably the last one. Or thought-to-be mythical footage from Corkier Romano. Share your theories.