The 10 Butt-Kickingest Film Caricature Paintings By Justin Reed

Editorial Director

I can’t be the only one who begged their parents to fork out some cash for a theme park caricature drawing of me when they were kids. Man, did I think me and my ginormous head on a skateboard in my best wannabe Zach Morris outfit was super rad. The art of Justin Reed is kind of like that, except ridiculously well done and pop culture oriented. It also probably doesn’t embarrass the everliving sh*t out of the subject every time they have a girl over.

I’ve seen the Reservoir Dogs one and possibly a few others before, but I had no idea there were so many out there. You can even get your own commissioned! Most are dedicated to certain films or certain genres. I’ve included my ten favorite film-specific paintings here.

I can’t decide if I’d rather have American Psycho or Death Proof hanging over my mantle. They certainly couldn’t cramp my game any more than the theme park caricature. Check out all of Justin’s work here.

Justin Reed via Unreality

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