The 10 Most Popular GIF Search Terms Are Exactly What You Think They Are

Not a fan of going to Tumblr directly for your “Stan Rizzo smoking” GIF? Please say hello to Giphy, a new GIF search engine founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke that aims to get GIF-makers the recognition they deserve. GIFs don’t just magically appear, unlike sneakers and iPhones. People work hard so you can watch Tyrion say “God of Tits and Wine” over and over again, and Giphy’s “attribution system will encourage artists to share their work and reward users who give credit when sharing it,” according to the Daily Dot.

The Dot also asked Cooke for the most-searched-for terms on his website. Prepare to be…not shocked.

Sex (Via)

Cat (Via)

Boobs (Via)

Love (Via)

Puppy (Via)

Happy (Via)

Sherlock (Via)

Supernatural (Via)

Funny (Via)

No (Via)

Pity the person who searches for “funny.” That’s like asking a DJ to play “something musical.”

(Via the Daily Dot)