The 10 Most Subtly Creepy One Tiny Handed Celebrities

One day I’m going to do a hard-hitting web journalism series where I catch up with the creators of single-serving Tumblrs and get the true story behind their inspiration. I think it would be just as interesting as the sites themselves. Take latest and greatest — One Tiny Hand by Zach Vitale and friends James Weinberg and Bob O’Connor — for example. I can only imagine they were next level stoned on the couch and found themselves enjoying Scary Movie 2 a little too much when inspiration struck.
As is always the case with these sorts of offbeat web ventures, some variations work far better than others. I’ve compiled the ten that I find to be the most nightmare fuelish here. Like Tina above. Just imagine high-fiving that single carny hand. Or if you woke up to her combing back your hair with it! Gah!
I won’t even get into handjob scenarios, mainly because I see both pros and cons to tiny hand jobs. I expect a heated debate in the comments to help me find a landing spot on that one.
One Tiny Hand via BIOTV