The 15 Wisest GIF Wisdom Bombs Jennifer Lawrence Has Dropped

Jennifer Lawrence has been working the Hunger Games: Catching Fire publicity circuit for what seems like months now, but for the most part, it all comes to an end today, now that the film’s actually out. This is both good and bad. The bad: J-Law’s going away for a little bit, meaning no more candid Dave Letterman interviews…at least until the amazing-looking American Hustle comes out, which is not only the good, but the GREAT.

But in-between the two films, and before we go see Catching Fire even if we don’t want to admit it, let us appreciate some of the wisest bits of advice Jennifer Lawrence has dropped over the years.

1. You gotta do what you gotta do to get an Oscar.

2. Speaks for itself.

3. We all do.

4. That’s the new of saying, “Hello.”

5. She’s talking about me, you guys.

6. Point is: never trust anyone.

7. No excuses needed.

8. If they’re mean to YOU, imagine what it’s like for us mere mortals.

9. Party? What’s a “party”?

10. TRUTH.

11. I find myself asking that at least eight times a day.

12. It’s the only part of the day that matters.

13. Only J-Law could get away with that.

14. There’s always that.

15. Good. To. Know.

(via Getty Image, via Jennifer Lawrence GIFs)