The 20 Finest Fake Criterions For Really Sh*tty Movies

Uber popular single serving blog Fake Criterions just celebrated one year of encouraging the internet to create fake criterion covers with a year one fake criterion competition. Judges included Paul Scheer and Jake Fogelnest. And while second and third prize were solid contributions, first prize might as well have finally made the hoverboard a reality because it blew my mind and I WANT like yesterday.

My only gripe is that Fake Criterions originally gained popularity with artsy criterion covers for dogsh*t movies that would never be considered for the real Criterion Collection. Somewhere along the way contributors lost sight of this and started submitting for their favorite movies with no regard for irony whatsover. Clerks? C’MON! If you bring Kevin Smith you better bring Jersey Girl or don’t even bother wasting my time.

So in an effort to help get things back to their roots (except for you B2TF2 guy, keep doing what you’re doing) I’ve revisited the entire site and compiled the twenty finest Fake Criterions for twenty of the sh*ttiest movies ever made. You’re welcome. Arguments for why any of these flicks aren’t all that sh*tty to be rebutted in the comments.

Source: Fake Criterions