The New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Is Right Here And It Is Awesome

Last night, Sony Pictures screened a new trailer and some footage from The Amazing Spider-Man in locations nowhere near you. After the 3-D screening in Los Angeles, director Mark Webb spoke to the crowd, as did Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans in an international simulcast from New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and London, respectively.

Garfield (who hates Mondays, we hear) explained his motivation to play Spider-Man: “I’m not an idiot. Everybody in this room wants to play Spider-Man. First it was Tobey [Maguire], now it’s me — hopefully next time it’ll be a half-Hispanic, half-African actor.”

“I’m not an idiot” should be the go-to answer for all actors when asked why they took a paying gig. Emma Stone summed up the difference between her character (Gwen Stacy) and Mary Jane: “Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker. Mary Jane fell in love with Spider-Man.” Awww, that’s sweet. NOW KISS.

The new trailer and some photos are below.

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