The Avengers Dance Party Continues, Now With More Loki

We spotted the .gif above after we posted our photoshop collection, so it’ll just have to stand on its own here. We’ve also got more set photos from the Cleveland set of The Avengers (previous gallery here). The crew has set up the Public Square in Cleveland to double as Stuttgart, Germany. We have pictures and videos of the “Schloßplatztheater” building (which is also the name of a theater in Berlin, not Stuttgart, but whatever).

And now here are some spoilers. Loki kills someone at this location, and extras can be seen fleeing his attack in the first video below. Also, check out the staff he’s holding. It looks like the blue Infinity Gem, the same one which was on the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor and would be useful in setting up a Thanos appearance near the end or in the sequel. The blue gem (AKA Mind Gem) — if that’s what Loki has there — would allow him to amplify his mental power and access other people’s minds and dreams. Hawkeye’s going to have some explaining to do regarding those sexy dreams he had about Tony Stark. What, you hadn’t heard that story line before? It’s all available in excruciating detail on my fan fiction website Sex Slings And Arrows. Unfortunately, most of my visitors seem to be confused students trying to do book reports on Hamlet.

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