The Avengers Fill Out Comment Cards At A Restaurant

Ever wonder what happens when The Avengers fill out comment cards at a Culver’s restaurant? Of course you have. It’s a scenario that keeps me up at nights. Would Hulk like the the butterburgers? Would Steve Rogers and Agent Phil Coulson share a vanilla concrete mixer with two straws? Would Thor throw a lemon ice cup against the wall and bellow, “Another”? We don’t have answers to these questions yet, but at least we now know what the characters of The Avengers think about the restaurant’s quality.
Lisa of CelestialNexus and a friend were at the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, location for the burger and frozen custard fast food chain when they spotted a stack of the restaurant’s feedback cards. The only logical thing to do was fill out several of them as Avengers characters. As one does.
Our favorite pictures from the series are below, and you can view the rest here and here.
[Banner picture by Anna Rettberg, comment cards by CelestialNexus (1, 2), hat tip to Pleated-Jeans.]