“The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” Is the Best Tumblr You’ll See All Week

We’ve officially found the funniest Tumblr about any Marvel character that has existed, with the possible exception of “X-Men With Googly Eyes”: “The Avengers Shouldn’t Text.”
We love this site, despite its fanfic aspects used sometimes, because it does nail the characters perfectly. Tony is perpetually exasperated and kind of a jerk, Thor types IN ALL CAPS and is basically an overcaffeinated five year old obsessed with Adele, Steve is just continually confused, and Bucky can’t text because of his robot arm. Also his phone autocorrects to the word “knives” a lot. Along the way, Pepper is forced to explain Harry Potter, Tony’s house is destroyed repeatedly, and the only sane man in all this is…Loki.
In short, it’s hilarious. We’ve put together a small gallery of excerpts, but you can, and should, read the whole collection.