The Awesome Celebrity Trash Artwork Of Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecier has been making his incredible mosaics for a while now, so I’m not exactly discovering an unknown street artist here. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already seen his work in various art and pop culture publications, so just do me a favor and pretend that, like me, you’ve only recently become aware of Mecier’s awesomeness. Thank you.
Mecier’s mosaics are incredible in that he creates them from actual junk and trash given to him by his celebrity subjects. Hence, his “Celebrity Junkdrawers” gallery. But it’s not just junk. He’s also made incredible portraits from yarn, prescription drugs, Red Vine licorice, and other various food items. It’s pretty ridiculous, and of course his participating subjects rave about the pieces. How could they not? Most of them made from their own junk (See: Margaret Cho’s Trojan Magnum condoms boxes).
After the jump, I’ve put together a gallery of some of Mecier’s latest pieces – including Lady Gaga (above), Kim Kardashian, Tina Fey, Taylor Swift, and Taylor Lautner – as well as his classics. You can see the rest at his website as well.

Here is Margaret Cho on Lopez Tonight a few months ago explaining how Mecier made her portrait and presenting George Lopez with his own personal Mecier portrait.