The Awesomely Named Sharlto Copley Has Been Doing Some Serious Hinting About A 'District 9' Sequel

District 9 may be my favorite summer movie of the past few years (well, favorite that didn’t contain Batman that is). It was the rare movie that had something intelligent to say while still being an exciting spectacle — also, it featured lots and lots of people being blown up into meat juice.

So, where’s the sequel? Where’s District 10? Well, Sharlto Copley, star of District 9 and proud owner of one of the best names ever, has been doing some heavy hinting lately. He’s been talking about a District 9 sequel in interviews, and most recently he posted a piece of “District 10” fan art as his Facebook cover photo.

This does seem to line up with a Copley interview from 2010 where he stated work on a District 9 sequel would probably start in about two years. Well, those two years have expired, so maybe things are finally ramping up on District 10.

It’ll probably be a while yet before we get more District 9, but in the meantime, Neill Blomkamp’s very interesting sounding Elysium will be coming out in early 2013 to whet your appetite for South African sci-fi.

via Quiet Earth