Rachel Lindsay Tearfully Addresses The Pressures Of Being The First African American ‘Bachelorette’

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Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette finally saw Rachel Lindsay address a topic that has hovered over the show since she was announced as the latest to seek love on the series. As the first African American bachelorette, Lindsay seems to have more attention than those who have preceded her on ABC’s long-running reality contest. Thanks to some drama on the show up to this point, it seems that Lindsay has finally hit a point where she couldn’t contain it anymore.

While fighting back tears and the frustrations from the many men on the show bickering back and forth, Lindsay explains how much she’s feeling the weight of her role on the show and how everything is a reflection on her on the show:

“The pressures that I feel being a black woman and what that is … I don’t want to talk about it…I get pressured from so many different ways being in this position, and I did not want to get into all of this tonight.”

“I already know what people are going to say about me and judge me for the decisions that I’m making,” she added. “I’m going to be the one that has to deal with that, and nobody else. And that’s a lot.”

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