The Bagram Batman Strikes In Army PSAs

You know, a soldier in a Batman cape smacking people around for being stupid on an Army base should not be nearly this funny.

Bagram Batman is essentially a series of PSA featuring cheesy acting, a cartoonish sensibility, and a halfway decent Christian Bale impression.

On paper it sounds terrible. But in motion…

Granted, beating up somebody who listens to Taylor Swift falls under the umbrella of “public service”, but the others show the same somewhat wacky and off-beat sensibility:

These aren’t just goofing around, by the way: They’re posted to the US Army’s official YouTube channel and are used to educate soldiers about the basics of not getting killed for stupid reasons overseas. You can find more of them here.

We’ve yet to hear from DC what it thinks of these, but if nothing else, it’s both a lot funnier than that IRS Star Trek parody and likely a lot cheaper.