The Best Of #Anchorman

Wanderlust opens this week and based on the trailers and the lack of critical response thus far we’re all still trying to determine whether it’s a Paul Rudd movie or a Jennifer Aniston movie. We should have our answer by the end of the week, but one thing is for sure: no matter what the answer is everyone will still love Paul Rudd. You know, because everyone loves Paul Rudd. He’s the best.

You know what else everyone (with a valid opinion on anything) loves? Yep, Anchorman. Starring Paul Rudd! Between the Rudd connection and the Oscars this coming weekend it seems like perfect timing to pay tribute to a movie that certainly didn’t win any awards but has done a helluva lot more to shape a generation than War Horse ever will. Prepare your ovaries for never-before-seen levels of Best Of # quote-tatstic awesomeness.

Hey everyone! Come see how good this post is!