The Best Of #Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg made it official over the weekend that he won’t be returning to Saturday Night Live next year, leaving us free to assume that he’ll waste away his film career on Happy Madison joints that will chip away at your soul one lazy take at a time. But let’s not allow those prediction to alter how we remember the SNL version of Samberg. One could argue that the Digital Short format single-handedly dragged the show into the 21st century. And Tumblr has the GIFs to prove it.

The only downside is #Andy+Samberg is so sprawling and so reactionary to SNL episodes that I didn’t have the week’s worth of time to dig around and find some of the older stuff. So please offer requests in the comments and I’ll do my best to track those down. Grown-Ups 2 GIFs not yet available though. Sorry guys.

Source: #Andy+Samberg