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Boardwalk Empire returned to our lives last night and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Feels good, man” to have excellent HBO drama back in our lives. Our “Best of #” collections usually work best with comedies or cult favorites but thanks to the high levels of fan obsession out there there’s all sorts of cool media dedicated to everyone’s favorite show set in the 20’s and led by the man with the most interesting stoop in the world.
Going into this I was well aware of the internet’s appreciation for faceless assassin Richard Harrow (I think he’s one of the best characters on television myself) but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of lady lust aimed in his direction. Good for him. This knowledge now makes his scrapbooking scene from last night’s premiere rank slightly less sad than those Sarah McLachlan’s commercials.
Informative, entertaining, and enlargeable Boardwalk Empire cheatsheet for the newbies and veterans after the jump, followed by the collection. Warning: Some of these GIFs are graphic, and by that I mean awesomely graphic, but graphic nonetheless.

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