The Best Of #Christmas Vacation

If I had my druthers I’d spend the days surrounding Christmas working in viewings of Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, Christmas Story, and Die Hard. Maybe even Elf if there was time. Unfortunately my family isn’t always willing to indulge this sort of movie bingery over the holidays. Something about the spirit of the season.
But — fortunately — we’ve established an unspoken agreement to watch Christmas Vacation every year and that’s really all I require. A few years back I wasn’t able to fit it in for some reason and I might as well have fulfilled my lifelong dream of celebrating Festivus because it was like Christmas didn’t even happen.
So this is quite possibly the most appropriate and most enjoyable Best of # I’ve compiled to date. And since I presume all of you are massive fans and on cruise control till 2012 I encourage you to sit back and empty your collective sh*tters on the finest Christmas Vacation media the internet has to offer. Where’s the Tylenol?
#Christmas Vacation