The Best Of #Mad Men Season 5

This week’s edition of “Best Of #” will serve as a complimentary piece to Cajun Boy’s final Mad Men recap of the season. The series of visuals makes for a nice refresher while delving into last night’s finale, I think.

The collection of images, GIFs, and fan made alterations are in almost-chronological order, and because of that I struggled with what to lead with. But as much as I’ll remember Season 5 for Peggy’s departure from SCDP, the rise of Fat Betty, Roger’s trippy LSD adventures, and the tragic ending for Lane Pryce, there’s really no denying that “The Season Pete Campbell Got Hit in the Face” will forever be my lasting impression of the penultimate season of Mad Men. From start to finish — whether the inflicter of punishment be columns or closed fists — the greatest weasel in television history was the recipient of blows to the face. And it was glorious.

I can only hope “The Best of #Mad+Men Season 5” appropriately reflects this while also paying proper due to all the other great moments. Feel free to offer up things I missed and insight into what a Regina is in the comments.

#Mad+Men & Chet Manley