The Best Of #Michael Bluth

You know how you’re all like, “Jason Bateman: Love. That. Guy.” every time you watch an episode of Arrested Development? And then you see him in any movie he’s been in over the last five years (or Teen Wolf Too on VHS, which is weird you own and still watch) and you’re like, “Still love that guy, but this was pretty meh.” I haven’t seen Horrible Bosses yet, so maybe that’s the exception, but the trailer to The Change-Up just came out and it really hammers this point home.
The lightning in a bottle combination of amazing writing, tremendous supporting cast, and Bateman’s pitch perfect delivery made Michael Bluth the greatest straight man of my lifetime. The character’s ability to balance the crazy and enhance a joke or gag — instead of detract from it — hasn’t quite been replicated since.
So let’s put Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up in our Netflix queue way before they’re released on DVD because we like that guy so much. And while we’re at it let’s burn a portion of our day reveling in all the awesomeness that can be found in #Michael Bluth. I’ve done my best to pare this down to strictly Michael Bluth, which means I’ve left a lot of awesome on the cutting room floor, but I plan to pick those up one day in the future. If you need me I’ll be spending my day brushing up on Season 3.