The Best Of #Omar Little

The Star Ledger released a feature called “The Redemption of Michael K. Williams” over the weekend and it is — of course — a must read for all Wire fans. The man hasn’t exactly taken the Benedict Cumberbatch approach to acting stardom and the full story makes his accomplishments even more incredible.

With the piece in mind, Boardwalk Empire soon returning, and me coming to the startling realization that The Wire has been indefensibly absent from the Best of # series, today I present the best Omar Little-related everything that Tumblr has to offer.

Except since there aren’t as many Omar Little GIFs as one would hope I’ve worked in more fan art/tributes than usual. Don’t think you guys will mind. I’ve also revisited a handful of Dustin’s “Every show has an Omar Little” graphics because I just heart them so hard.

This is the part where I incorporate “indeed” when telling you to get to checking.