The Best Of #Party Down

I’ve been suffering from a wicked case of Party Down nostalgia/withdrawal this week thanks to the epic Alamo Drafthouse marathon (no invite, Alamo? what gives?) and the getting-my-hopes-up-so-it-will-never-happen Party Down movie rumors. So I do what I do in these situations and immersed myself in the Tumblr tag to put together this good times collection for you so we can all be nostalgic together. Little did I know that our friends at Buzzfeed would simultaneously be proclaiming today “Party Down Day” as it celebrates a year to the date that everyone’s favorite show they didn’t watch on Starz but fell in love with on DVD later was cancelled. The Best of #Party Down all of a sudden seems meant to be.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a shame you suck so hard haven’t seen it. But this hopefully presents a tremendous opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of its awesomeness without giving too much away, and also encourage you to join our TV snob inner circle. The one that allows you to grow old sad and alone because you can’t find a girl who meets your Lizzy Caplan standards.

As always, Tumblr sourcing blows goats so if something deserves a source, let me know. Enjoy.