The Best Of #The Royal Tenenbaums

Moonrise Kingdom opens this week and looks to be glorious, what with all the shirtless Bill Murray + wine bottle. Between the cast and early reports I have a feeling that it may end up rivaling The Royal Tenenbaums as my favorite Wes Anderson film despite not having Gene Hackman around to keep all the sissy hipster bullsh*t in check.
So to prep for all new Wes Anderson goodness I’d like to dedicate this edition to the film that kinda/sorta redeems Gwyneth Paltrow just a little bit and forever will be Gene Hackman’s acting swan song as far as I’m concerned (Welcome to Mooseport? Never heard of it). It also given me the opportunity to revisit my theory that Owen Wilson’s breakdown in the mid-2000’s was due solely to staying in character as Eli Cash for half a decade. Think about it. Almost makes too much sense.