The Best Of #Tom Haverford

Aziz Ansari makes his debut as a feature film headliner with 30 Minutes or Less this week and since I’d like to see my favorite renamer of foods and responder to racism headline more films going forward I dove head first into the awesomeness that is #Tom Haverford as a show of support. I expected to find a goldmine, but holy sh*t what a goldmine. It’s like that treasure they find at the end of National Treasure except chocked full of killer GIFs and multipanes instead of important ancient artifacts.

It’s no secret that the internet loves Aziz Ansari/Tom Haverford, as evidenced most notably by Aziz’s Twitter account and Tom Haverfoods (not to mention Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford and recent Trader Joe’s Parks & Rec enthusiasm). I’ve done my best to avoid including anything we’ve shared here before, which wasn’t difficult (see: above mention of goldmine). Prepare yourself for poppin’ fresh biz ideas, T-Pain sightings, Tommy Timberlake, raccoon-killing hotness, “What’s Crackin’?” belt buckles, and much, much more.

“What’s hot DJ Roomba?!”

Source: #Tom Haverford

Tommy Timberlake!