The Cape Looks Cheesy, Still Better Than Heroes

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05.18.10 3 Comments

Sure, we could feature artwork from NBC’s upcoming midseason superhero series “The Cape”, but Summer Glau is in it, and do you want to look at a dude wearing a cape, or look at Summer Glau doing a split?

Even though NBC finally put a bullet in “Heroes”, apparently they like themselves the superheroes and are trying again with another original property. This time, they’re going more for the 1960s Marvel vibe, with the main character a good cop on a corrupt force framed for a crime he didn’t commit trying to clear his name and reach out to his son at the same time.

So, you know, he decides to violate copyright and make himself into a superhero, because that totally makes sense. The clips below the jump really illustrate the cheese factor, but this is just the pilot; we won’t know whether it’s better than it looks or as bad as “Human Target” until we see a few episodes. At least it has a killer cast; in addition to the delightfully bendy Glau, who we’re laughably supposed to believe is a blogger (shouldn’t she really be a crusading journalist?), there’s Keith David as the mentor, who you might remember as the one guy bad-ass enough to stare down Kurt Russell in “The Thing”.

Here are the clips, you can decide for yourself:

[ via io9 ]

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