The Cast Of ‘Community’ Reimagined As Members Of The Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery


DeviantArt user Kinjamin says he’s brought “the ‘darkest, most terrible timeline’ from the ‘Remedial Chaos Theory'” to life.

– Dean Pelton as Poison Ivy (And I had to have him be the God awful Uma Thurman version of Ivy, too.)
– Brita as Poison Ivy (YES EVERYONE – I KNEW I had to draw Brita as Poison Ivy.)
– Jeff as Two-Face (Naturally. This Jeff is missing his right arm. Didn’t want to make a big deal about it in the drawing though so it’s hidden behind Brita Ivy. Also note the ironic comment Joker Abed wrote)
– Annie as Harley Quinn (I love that this falls into place nicely. In the show Annie has a tendency to cling to Abed when he’s in full character.)
– Abed as Joker
– Troy as Riddler (I’m a huge Troy fan and always had him planned to be the Riddler, particularly since it’s a nice pair-up with Abed… to my horror, though, it’s reminiscent of that horrible Eddie Murphy Riddler that was being passed around the internets when that ridiculous rumor was going around. Ah well.. maybe there’s some comedy in that. Sorry Donald Glover!)
– Senor Chang as Bane (The only one I was conflicted with because I thought he’d be more of a Penguin type. But honestly, it was so much more visually ridiculous to have him as Bane. Plus he’s SENOR Chang right?)
– Pierce as Mr. Freeze (Still going with bad timeline continuity, Pierce dies.. and I figure a good way to resurrect him is cryogenically.)
– Shirley as Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman (Went the Batman Returns route since THAT Catwoman is crazy.)

What Community fan wouldn’t love a framed one of these for Christmas?!

(HT: Buzzfeed)

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