The Celebrity Nude Hackers Have Their First Male Victim

One of the talking points that keeps coming up in relation to the celebrity hacked nude scandal is that the perpetrators have so far only been targeting female celebrities. However, the scandal has finally claimed its first male victim: Nick Hogan, son of Hulk Hogan. If you’ll recall, Nick Hogan was responsible for a 2007 drag racing crash that left his friend and passenger, John Graziano, in a likely permanent vegetative state. Here’s what he looked like after two years in the hospital when it was determined that his condition had improved to the point that he could receive 24-hour care at home. Nick Hogan is not a very good person.

As it would seem, Nick Hogan has also not done a ton of self-reflection in the past six or seven years, because according to TMZ, the photos stolen are “voluminous and graphic” and include images going back to his high school years with different underage girls either partially or fully nude, and in various sexual positions (in addition to penis pics).

The weirdest hack … there are 2 photos of Nick’s mom Linda in a thong, bent over and showing off her butt. Nick says those pics were NOT in his iCloud!

And here’s the dark side. Nick kept pics of several girlfriends during his teenage years, and the girls were underage at the time. He believes the hackers are playing with fire because they constitute child porn. As for why Nick kept the pics … he says he’s kept almost everything from his life that was recorded or photographed.

Sounds like a reasonable excuse for a 24-year-old man keeping photos of naked underage girls performing sex acts on his phone. If the hack was just limited to intimate photos of Hogan himself (and his mom, because WTF??) I have to admit that I wouldn’t feel a tremendous amount of sympathy. But this sure sucks for the unwitting female victims getting dragged down with him.

Nick Hogan: Ruining Lives Since 2007.