The Closest We Will Ever Get To a “Mega Man” Movie

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As a child of the ’80s, I freely admit to loving every frustrating moment of every single Mega Man game.  Yeah, they were stupid hard, the powers were ridiculous, and you could hear the sadistic giggles from Capcom World Headquarters every time a new game was released.  But they were fun, and a rite of passage.  Unless you’ve beaten a Mega Man game, you’re just not a true gamer.

Something Eddie LeBron would seem to agree with, since he’s just turned out a feature-length (!) movie starring the blue one that he wrote, directed, produced, edited, and likely catered.

Yep, this isn’t some fan short that looks kind of cool but leaves you wanting more, this is a full-on, low-budget ninety-three-minute feature.  OK, yeah, it’s ridiculous and obviously the budget went to the effects (which are pretty well done considering the budget was a buck ninety-five) and the costumes, which are actually very well done considering the budget; I like the motorcycle padding/helmet look for the robot masters.  I especially like the design of the non-human robot masters, and the script actually presents a pretty good way of turning what amounts to a plotless video game into an actual, viable movie.

But, as Geordi LaForge always said, don’t take my word for it.  The full-length feature (yes, the entire thing) under the cut:

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