The Closest We’ll Ever Get to a Metroid Movie

08.23.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Of all the games that ripped off “Alien” for their plot, Metroid is, by far, the best and most long-lived. It’s also the one most thankfully free of a movie adaptation. Partially this is because Nintendo, having been burned like Michael Jackson on a Pepsi ad set with “Super Mario Bros.”, has avoided any live-action adaptations of their beloved properties like the plague. And partially this is because the games are too well-designed; the plot is mostly in the playing.

On the other hand, this doesn’t prevent Nintendo from deciding they’re going to dress an attractive model in that body-hugging Zero suit and send her marching down a runway while we see great moments in Metroid history rendered all around her. Our only criticism is that said model isn’t the awesome Metroid cosplayer above, because, seriously, her suit looks way better than the CGI that model slaps on. The full ad, under the cut:

[ via Kotaku ]

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