The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week: ‘Savage Skullkickers’ #1

Before we begin: If you haven’t grabbed DC’s anthology book Time Warp or Five Weapons #2? You should, they very nearly took the crown this week.

However, nobody can resist a naked dwarf in Hell, so this week it goes to the all-new, all-savage Skullkickers.

OK, OK, so this is really the twentieth issue of Skullkickers. But this snarky, smart-assed fantasy book isn’t just busy pasting every fantasy trope and cliche it can find, it’s started mocking other books as well. Last issue, it was “relaunched” as the Uncanny Skullkickers. It’s that kind of book.

Jim Zubkavich, who’s been writing the book since the start, is taking the enterprise just seriously enough to write a solid plot, but also knows that any book about a bald guy with a golden gun and an elf fighting sentient monkeys is inherently pretty goofy, and he often aims straight for the gag. Whether it’s an ape calling our heroes disgusting hairless morons or the fact that half the book is a butt-naked dwarf taking a tour through Hell, this book is willing to do anything for a laugh, and it’s glorious.

Similarly, Edwin Huang’s pencils and co-inking helps to keep the book lighthearted. Plus, nobody draws a sentient ticked-off ape better:

Skullkickers is not a profound book. It’s just funny. Very, very funny, and sometimes, that’s really all a comic book needs to be. If you’re looking for a laugh, then give Skullkickers a try. Really, it’s got angry monkeys and nudity, what else could you ask for?