The ‘Community’ #SixSeasonsAndAMovie Campaign Posters Are Pretty Cool

Josh just outlined all the reasons everyone should want six seasons (and a movie) from Community after the show’s most excellent fifth season return to form. It’s only been a few short days since the finale aired and lots of people are already in the same mindset, with the official #SixSeasonsAndAMovie campaign ramping up to full force. I can’t pinpoint who exactly is organizing it or made the posters, but the cast is fully on board and has just let out a barrage of tweets. Alison Brie laid it all out a short while ago:

And what official TV campaign would be complete without official graphics parodying an already iconic movie poster? Here’s what we have so far. Oddly enough, out of the freestyle rapping cast members currently left out I think Jim Rash’s hot fire contributions would be more beneficial to the cause.

UPDATE: Now with Shirley and Dean Pelton.