The Couple Whose Office Affair Was Live-Tweeted Never Returned To Work

Remember the two fine, upstanding employees of the Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd.? You know, the pair caught in an extramarital affair last month when bar patrons across the street live-tweeted it? According to News AU, the 50-year-old married senior manager and his 25-year-old mistress no longer work there:

The pair have not returned to work since the late night affair on January 30, which was photographed and filmed by people at the busy Carlton Bar opposite the office building.

Neither the company, the two former co-workers, nor their representatives have made any official comments to the press. However, one person remotely involved in the (hopefully internet-only) viral fiasco has spoken out — the woman’s former fiance:

At the time of the incident, the former fiance of the woman involved told a New Zealand radio station the situation “was sad for everyone involved really”.

He said his former lover was “a really nice person”.

“She never made any mistakes, but unfortunately she made this one and it’s gone worldwide.”

All the feels, bro. All the feels. Maybe you should take a lesson from this guy and get some much-deserved sympathy.

(News AU via New York Post)