The Creator Of The ‘Slip Cup’ Wants To Help Make Beer Pong A Cleaner Game

07.09.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

Beer pong is certainly not the most hygienic of all the well-known drinking games. The main cleanliness issue is that the ping pong ball used in the game always seems to find itself on the ground, where it collects a horrific assortment of dirt and hair. Inevitably, this filth ends up in the cups the players drink out of. Not cool, brah.

To solve this important issue, Brookfield, Conn. resident Chase Treibt and his four brothers created a Kickstarter campaign for the “Slip Cup.” The idea behind the invention is to take small cup-like inserts, and place them into the drinking cups used during the game (mind blowing, I know). The attachment allows the beer to sit underneath, prohibiting any outside contaminants from sullying it. The insert also features tabs that stop the ball from bouncing out of the cup, preventing the aforementioned dirty ball problem. A center-weight design also helps cups from being knocked over by a well-flung ball.

Apparently, demand for this must be high because Chase and co. have already gone well over their goal of $70,000.

This will definitely help in making college life a little less gross than it already is.

(Via Mashable)

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