The Creators Of Mall Of America Want To Build An Even Bigger Mall In Miami

The creators of Mall of America have a flawless plan, to build an even bigger mall in Florida, complete with a Legoland and sea lions.

According to its backers, the American Dream Miami would cost approximately $4 billion and would employ 25,000 people. The proposed 200-acre complex would include an indoor theme park with Ferris Wheel, water park, submarine rides, miniature golf, skating rink, ski slope, and a live sea lion show:

[The American Dream Miami] is largely modeled after Triple Five’s other East Coast expansion, another massive American Dream complex planned for New Jersey. That 3-million-square-foot complex is described as having some of the same features as the Miami proposal, including an indoor domed amusement park with a roller coaster, a water park and a Ferris Wheel.

Development there fell behind schedule amid financing complications, but Triple Five, which took over in 2010, says the project should open next year, the (Bergen, N.J.) Record reported in January.

Nothing could go wrong with this plan because malls in the United States are definitely not dying a slow, painful death. All the kids are hanging out at the malls these days with their Walkmans and their Game Boys, getting that second ear piercing and picking up new toe rings at Claire’s.

Plus, they are planning a sea-lion show, just like the ones at Sea World. If there is any place in America doing better than malls, it is Sea World. Maybe Ryan Gosling and his 12-year-old dance class can perform at the opening day festivities with Tiffany and Robin Sparkles.

(Source: Miami Herald)